'Films are a very powerful media. Films can help people. Films can hurt people.' - Spike Lee

The film was written as a response to the reactions that stemmed from protests in 2020, in particular focusing on how differing views on social justice issues led to many divides between family and friends. The script does not take a stance on the issues themselves, but instead focuses on the impact it has on people AT THE END OF THE ROAD.


We strongly believe in the power of EDUCATION and how understanding can help bring us together. Please do check out the following institutions and see how you can educate yourself and help.

Aloysius Ssali first set up Say It Loud Club to campaign for LGBTQ+ rights as a student in Uganda in 1994. By 2003, he had become well known enough to be a target, and decided to come to the UK to continue with his Studies. When he returned to Uganda in 2005, he was captured and tortured - just because of his sexuality. He still had six months left on his student visa, so he fled to the UK.

The UK didn't formally recognise sexuality as a reason for claiming refugee status until 2010, so Aloysius was forced to live without papers for five years. In 2010, he successfully claimed refugee status.


Founded in 2010. the SAY IT LOUD CLUB has helped hundreds of LGBTQ+ refugees to successfully gain the right to live freely in the UK. Without his help many would have had to return to their home countries where they had faced discrimination, violence and even fear of death. He has also built a network which helps its members come to terms with their own sexuality and find a community and support system in the UK.

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